When the place where you make your home is far away from the place you’ll always call home, it can sometimes be a difficult adjustment to make.

Such was the case for 34-year-old Denis, who left his native Uganda to move halfway around the world to attend college in the United States. Thanks to video hosting technologies such as Skype or Rebtel, and a little creativity, Denis not only stays in touch with his family 8,000 miles away,but  he also got everyone together for a seemingly impossible family portrait. Read his inspiring story here.

At Western Union, we salute Denis and everyone like him who live in new surroundings, far from home, and who struggle to stay in touch with loved ones. Moving money for better means making it easier to help your family with financial needs, no matter where they live. With hundreds of thousands of agents worldwide, WU can help keep you send money and stay closely connected to family and friends, regardless of how many miles separate you.

That should make you feel right at home. Just like Denis.

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