Everyone knows Mexico is famous for its amazing cuisine. But YOU know something that most visitors don’t – you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant for some of the tastiest dishes you’ll ever have. All you need to do is hit the streets!

Street food vendors have been dishing out delicious food in Mexico for decades, and its popularity is no secret: Forbes named Mexico City one of the top 10 street food cities in the world. More than half of Mexico’s residents have a meal from a street food vendor at least once a week, and even the most upscale restaurants find themselves serving many of the same classic culinary creations, all because of the influence and popularity of street and market food vendors.



Whether it’s tacos or tamales, pozole or pancita, gorditas or quesadillas, tostadas or tortas – you’ll find many mouthwatering “antojitos.” But with so many vendors, finding the right one can be a challenge. How do you know where to send your taste buds? Here are a few tips to chew on:

  • Look to see if his/her stand is crowded. A busy stand is an obvious sign that locals enjoy that particular chef’s food and have built a trust about its quality.
  • Choose a stand that “specializes” in a particular type of delicacy. They will have limited preparation equipment to keep clean, and a limited inventory of ingredients to keep fresh.
  • Look around markets and near busy metro stops. Make sure places that are at the edge of the sidewalk or on a curb along busy streets are shielded from letting extra dirt or dust into their cart.

Take advantage of your surroundings and hit the streets for some terrific eats!




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