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You’ve got a lot to consider when looking for work in a new country. It’s paramount to make sure your new place of employment is the right fit – you’ll be spending most of your day there, after all.

First, see if you even need to change companies at all. If you work for a global company, check the internal job database or with the human resources department about openings within your existing company. If you’ve built longevity and your current company appreciates your loyalty and offers perks, it may make your move easier. However, something to remember: Be sure to research the cost of living in your new homeland. It may change your salary needs or affect your decision.

If you’re switching companies, or even charting a new career path, do some Internet research. Several factors need to be considered:

  • Dialect. Do you speak proficiently in the country’s predominant language? If not, do you need to find work at a place where you won’t have communication issues?
  • Location. Is the job you are investigating an easy commute? Will you have the transportation available?
  • Credibility. How long has the firm you are researching been in business? Are they registered with the local chamber of commerce? Is the company growing or reducing staff?
  • Culture. See if you can find reviews of the company’s work practices, or what it’s like for the people who work there. At Western Union, we proudly highlight workplace culture online. With more than 9,600 employees who live and work in more than 55 countries worldwide, WU recognizes the importance of helping people feel at home. Make sure the firm you are researching does the same.
  • Your working visa. Prepare it, and see if you need a sponsor.

Another factor is the adjustments that your family will need to make. If you have school-age children, will you be able to get them to and from school during work hours? Will you have adequate supervision while you are working?

Also, think about ways to supplement your income as an entrepreneur. You might have a skill set that’s common in your native country, but fills a need or is unique in your new country and could become an income stream. Think about opportunities you could create for yourself that could provide additional income and flexibility.

Looking for work in a new country might feel like a job on its own, but if you make the right choice, it’s sure to be a rewarding one.

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