Esayas Berhanu, an Ethiopian national living in Austria, founded the charity organization MyHope in order to support children in his hometown of Addis Ababa. The goal of his charity is to provide recipients with a solid foundation for life, prioritizing education and providing books, teachers, and recreational facilities to children on a regular basis.

Although Esayas’ goals were clear, he faced a big challenge. The issue was: How will he get the funds donated to Ethiopia regularly and reliably? The challenge around sending money from Austria to Addis Ababa was something he struggled with for a while. When he explored banks and other payment channels, he was faced with high cost, irregular support, missing traceability of funds, and countless fraud issues which could lead to the misuse of the funds.

Then, a friend referred him to Western Union. Upon the first meeting, Western Union was able to help him immediately. WU agents helped Esayas sign up MyHope as a Quick Cash client, which enabled him to send money from Austria to Ethiopia in a convenient, reliable and transparent way. It has now been over four years since that serendipitous meeting with Western Union, and MyHope is a very satisfied WU customer.

As a company, we feel blessed to be able to help change lives and provide betterment for over 100 kids by aiding Esayas’ charity so that they can fulfill their goals. To date, MyHope has sent more than $250,000 back to Ethiopian children. Our commitment to Esayas does not simply stop at the transaction either. We were so impressed by Esayas’ dedication that several of our Western Union employees took on regular sponsorships of these Ethiopian children privately–some of them even raised funds for the children at a sporting event, and we connected the MyHope charity with our Western Union Kids Camp in the summer of 2013.

To thank us for our support and spirit, the children that have benefitted from Esayas and the MyHope charity sent us the picture below. Displayed in our office, it serves as an example of the collaborative effort Western Union takes to help our customers move money for better, and the commitment we have to help our customers beyond just the transaction.



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