Planning some travel in 2014? You’ve probably got a checklist of the usual things associated with leaving home: Making sure things are covered where you live, accommodations are secured where you’re going, passports are updated … and of course, Moving Money for Better with Western Union.



But one thing that can be easy to overlook, and could have an effect on your travel – national holidays. Here are some dates to keep handy when planning your next trip:


  • American Samoa, April 17 (Flag Day)
  • Argentina, May 25 (Revolution Day)
  • Aruba, March 18 (Flag Day)
  • Australia, January 26 (Australia Day)
  • Austria, October 26 (National Day)
  • Bahamas, July 10 (Independence Day)
  • Belgium, July 21 (Ascension to the Throne of King Leopold I)
  • Brazil, September 7 (Independence Day)
  • British Virgin Islands, July 1 (Territory Day)
  • Canada, July 1 (Canada Day)
  • Cayman Islands, first Monday in July (Constitution Day)
  • Chile, September 18 (Independence Day)
  • China, October 1 (Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China)
  • Dominican Republic, February 27 (Independence Day)
  • Ecuador, August 10 (Independence Day)
  • Egypt, July 23 (Revolution Day)
  • European Union, May 9 (Europe Day)
  • Fiji, second Monday of October (Independence Day)
  • France, July 14 (Fete de la Federation)
  • Germany, October 3 (Unity Day)
  • Greece, March 25 (Independence Day)
  • Haiti, January 1 (Independence Day)
  • India, January 26 (Republic Day)
  • Indonesia, August 17 (Independence Day)
  • Ireland, March 17 (Saint Patrick’s Day)
  • Italy, June 2 (Republic Day)
  • Jamaica, August 6 (Independence Day)
  • Japan, December 23 (Birthday of Emperor Akihito)
  • Mexico, September 16 (Independence Day)
  • Morocco, July 30 (Throne Day)
  • New Zealand, February 6 (Waitangi Day)
  • Philippines, June 12 (Independence Day)
  • Russia, June 12 (Russia Day)
  • South Africa, April 27 (Freedom Day)
  • Spain, October 12 (National Day)
  • Sweden, June 6 (National Day)
  • Switzerland, September 6 (Independence Day)
  • Thailand, December 5 (Birthday of King Phumiphon)
  • United States, July 4 (Independence Day)
  • Virgin Islands, March 27 (Transfer Day)


In addition to national holidays and the huge celebrations that accompany them, be sure to check for other holidays that make for busy tourist weekends – for example, Memorial Day in the United States, which is the last Friday in May, or Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday, celebrated the second Monday each October. Banks and other services often are closed on such days.

Fortunately, Western Union is there for you, 24/7/365, to do whatever we can to help make every trip you take feel like you’re on a holiday.



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  1. Roy Knutsson says:

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