Your new, exotic locale is full of opportunity and excitement. While the ability to explore your new international abode is alluring, so are the comforts of home. Staying connected with family and friends can help cure any occasional homesickness you may feel when living in another country. Thanks to technology, the comforts of home are within reach no matter how many miles – or continents – stand between you and your loved ones. Here are a few ways to connect with your family and friends when you’re living abroad:

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Video Chat

Those twinges of homesickness might appear when you know you’re missing a big family event. A cousin’s wedding, your family’s Thanksgiving celebration, or your grandmother’s birthday might make you yearn for the comforts of home. While you might not be able to be there in person, you can certainly participate in the big event thanks to technology. Video chat offerings abound, from Skype or Google Hangouts on your computer or tablet to Apple’s FaceTime on your iPhone, allowing you to interact with your family members or friends in real-time. You might not get to taste your mom’s famous desserts, but you can interact with your family members while they do.

Social Media

Perhaps living in different time zones makes synchronous interactions a challenge. Social media gives you another way to easily interact with your loved ones when you’re living abroad. Post pictures from your latest international adventure, check in at cool locations, and see pictures and posts from friends and family members. Depending on the social media platform you choose, you can chat with your loved ones as well as share videos and notes. You’ll never be out of touch thanks to the global reach of social media.

Smartphone Apps

If you haven’t invested in an international phone plan, the cost of constant texts and phone calls to home will quickly add up. Fortunately, a host of smartphone apps allow you to connect without the expense. Apps are available that allow you to share pictures with your pals, make free calls and send free texts, or instant message your loved ones from your phone. With a smartphone in your pocket, your family and friends will never be more than a few clicks away.

You don’t need to contact family just to ask for money. Sometimes, you simply want to reach out to loved ones to share your international experiences and to find out what’s happening at home. Thanks to technology, your loved ones will feel close no matter how far they are. Do you have any tips for keeping in touch while living or traveling abroad? Tell us about them on Facebook.

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