Shopping online always seems easy at first. Within a few clicks, you can usually find the perfect pair of shoes, that custom sports jersey, or the ideal gift for someone special.

Then comes the stressful part – making the purchase. You’re usually whisked to another page asking you to enter precious personal information such as bank account codes, credit card numbers – even your home address and phone number. It’s information that you don’t even feel comfortable giving friends, much less giving to a merchant on the Internet. In most cases, websites use secure connections, but you’ve seen and heard about Internet breaches.

Instead of typing your valuable, guarded information on multiple websites, use a service you can trust –WU Pay by Western Union. When you purchase an item online, click WU Pay for payment. They’ll email you a bill with payments instructions and options:

  1. At your bank’s website using online bill pay (just like paying for a utility bill), or
  2. With cash at a participating Western Union agent location in the US.

Once your payment is processed, Western Union will notify the merchant and they’ll ship your order.

Learn more about the WU Pay service and where it’s available. Western Union - when it comes to safe online purchases, we’re always Moving money for better.

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